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January 2024 – The importance of Dormant Pruning

Dormant Pruning is an important part of Winter projects getting ready for spring.

  • Dormant Pruning helps prepare plants by removing dead or dying, diseased, and crossing branches. The dead branches removal is necessary in larger shrubs and small
    trees for safety. A safe walking space around ornamental trees is imperative.
  • Dormant Pruning is a great way to help promote new healthy growth and improving the shape of old tired shrubs. When dormant pruning we take out many of the old branches allowing space for the new shape and growth to fill in.
  • The term dormant is used because the shrub is on rest mode and the energy for the shrub is stored in the roots during the winter. Removing branches during dormant season allows the process to happen while this energy is safely stored and can be put into the new growth when it awakens.
  • Pruning during the winter is great while many diseases are also dormant and cross-contaminating is less likely. However, we still do the necessary cleaning of our equipment.
  • Rejuvenation pruning is taking the shrub all the way back to help it start over from the ground this is great for some shrubs to give them a new life. Energy can be sent on new short growth that is full and fresh.
  • Ornamental tree shaping provides the tree with a cleaned-out canopy where poor branches or crossing and rubbing branches are removed and allow it to be happier and healthier.
  • With the correct tools and techniques many shrubs and trees can be fantastic full shrubs with improved health the following season saving them from removal or death.


Please contact Jessica or Curtis for more information about dormant pruning on your property.

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