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Caring for a beautiful landscape can take up a lot of time and effort. You will need to invest time in trimming, weeding, mowing, watering, and fertilizing – and then you will need to do it all over again! This endless maintenance can take your spare time, eating up evenings and weekends. Our residential landscape management team will do the work for you so you can come home to appreciate your stunning yard without worries.

Here's some major benefits to an aesthetically pleasing residential landscape:

#1 Year-Round Usage

A great landscape design provides a yard for you to enjoy all year. Whether it is seasonal blooming plants to provide color, shade structures to keep things cool, lighting to keep the party going, or bug prevention, a great landscape management team can greatly expand your backyard capabilities.

#2 Enhanced Curb Appeal and Property Value

If you ever decide to sell your gorgeously designed piece of property,  great landscape management means selling faster for higher dollar amounts. Not to mention you will be “that neighbor” with the beautiful yard everyone else is secretly envies.

#3 Save Time and Money

Small things make big differences in the long run. Simple landscape changes such as shading your AC can increase AC efficiency up to 10% while shading your house can save even more. Choosing native or other low maintenance plants requires less water, fertilizer, and pruning, saving you both time and money.

#4 Protection

Tired of your neighbors checking you out? Privacy screens and other strategically placed plants not only keep the neighbors out, but also act as wind shields protecting you from the elements.

#5 Environment Friendly 

Good plant choices result in more nutrient-dense soil and cleaner air. Great landscape management also increases biodiversity, attracting birds and pollinators to your property. Added elements such as no mow areas, or rain gardens can also decrease maintenance and help filter water. 

#6 Good Drainage, Longevity, and Quality 

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Protect your property from water and ensure beautiful landscaping that lasts. Great landscape management will take into account how your landscape changes and manages how plants and trees evolve in  the space as they grow. 

Planting and Designing a Properties Landscape Is Our Passion

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Here’s your chance to translate your vision into constructible design with the help of our passionate and creative planners and landscaping architects. Our team marries the benefits of dedicated personal attention, with the unparalleled resources only The Riedell Group can offer.

We believe in creating compelling destinations, enriching communities, and safeguarding special places. We use our strong belief in the power of collaboration to help shape, visualize and realize these goals in a way that uses resources wisely, respects the environment and stirs the emotions.

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